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Our smiling tree!

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Two Cherries Woodworking Tools

Clarington Forge Garden Tools

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Finest Quality Brushes for Finishing, Stripping, and Glue
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Garden Tools - Forged in England
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Two Cherries sharpening DVD available now at finer tool vendors everywhere!

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Finest Quality Brushes for Finishing, Stripping, and Glue


Stern Drilling and Boring Bits

Full Range of Timber Framing Tools

Thank you for visiting the Robert Larson Company website. For twenty years we have been supplying quality woodworking tools to quality stores and mail-order companies throughout the United States.

You might not have heard of us before, but we have been here behind the scenes to see that fine tools are available to the woodworker.We have literally thousands of the finest tools being made in the world today. These tools are produced in small and large factories located in nearly twenty different countries.

If you are a woodworker, we hope to provide you with information about the tools we sell and the places that you can find them. If you are a reseller, we hope that you will find the information useful in your endeavor to supply your woodworking customers with the finest tools available anywhere.