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Anant planes, made in India, are nicely finished and will not destroy your budget! With these tools you will neither regret your investment, nor the money saved. In fact, you might be able to consider getting an extra plane or two with the savings!

Planes Top

Bench Rebate Plane
Block Plane A9 1/2
Same quality construction as the bench plane series. This thirteen inch long plane is fitted with a two inch wide blade that matches it's two inch wide body. Recommended for general rabbeting work where a heavy section is being cut. This plane is fully adjustable and capable of fine accurate work. The screw adjusted cut iron is held firmly in position by a lever and cam. The mouth of the plane is adjustable for fine or coarse work.
Low Angle Block Plane 60 1/2
Circular Plane A113
This is an indispensable plane for any woodworking shop. It can be used on plastic laminates, end grain, edges and touch-up work on any flat surface. The low angle blade is fully supported, thus minimizing annoying blade vibrations. It is accurately machined and finished with a durable high gloss stoving enamel. The cutter sits at 131/2 degrees. Overall plane length is six inches. Designed for use on concave and convex surfaces. This plane features a flexible steel face that is anchored at each end to the body of the plane Center screw adjustment enables the desired curvature of the sole to be set quickly and positively.
Bullnose Rebate Plane A77
Rebate Plane
This 11/2" inch rabbet plane is provided with an adjustable mouth that is adjusted by use of the provided shims. Removing the front turns this into a bullnose plane. The model 78 rebate plane will cut accurate rabbets up to 11/2" wide. The adjustable fence is held in position by two fence arms. Bullnose blade position is provided for use when needed.
Plough Plane
Rebate Plane
Ploughs nine sizes of grooves from 1/8" to 5/8" in width to a depth of 5/8" at any distance up to five inches from the edge of your work. There is a certain sense of satisfaction that one gets when using a tool that has been in use by generations of woodworkers. Wooden handle is comfortable to use. You may find that this versatile tool is easier and faster to use than setting up and using power tools for certain applications This traditional plane is eight inches in length and has a 1/2 blade which is the full width of the plane body. The blade is set at an angle for smooth cuts and features a screw adjustment depth gauge. Includes a depth stop.
Bench Planes

The body of these planes are ribbed to ensure strength and rigidity. The machined faces of the frog bed sit firmly onto similar machined faces on the body of the plane and then fastened in position by two screws. This positive positioning helps prevent chattering. The cut iron is made of high carbon steel, hardened and tempered under scientific control for accuracy and uniformity. Handle and knob are hardwood.
Bench Plane A3 - Smoothing
Bench Plane A4 - Smoothing
The traditional finishing or smooth planes. The number four can also be used as an all purpose plane for a variety of work.
Bench Plane A5 - Jack
Bench Plane A6 - Fore
The number five plane is typically considered to be the "jack of all trades" and is the correct choice if you will only have one plane in your tool box.
Bench Plane A7 - Jointer
Bench Plane A8 - Jointer
These planes are long enough not to ride the peaks and valleys of your material making them the choice for flattening timbers

Spokeshaves Top

Flat Bottom
Round Bottom
Spokeshaves offer smooth plane-like finishes and can be used on a variety of straight, flat and curved, concave and convex surfaces. Ideal for furniture makers and wood carvers. Easy to adjust.

Replacement Irons Top

895-9145 Spare Iron 45mm for A3
895-9150 Spare Iron 50mm for A4 & A5
895-9160 Spare Iron 60mm for A6 & A7
895-9166 Spare Iron 66mm for A8
895-9200 Spare Iron A9 1/2 Block Plane
895-9250 Spare Iron A10 Bench Rebate
895-9300 Spare Iron A78
895-9350 Spare Iron A77

Vises Top

896-5200 7-1/2" Vise - Quick Release and Dog
896-5250 9" Vise - Quick Release and Dog
896-5300 10-1/2" Vise - Quick Release and Dog
These efficient steel bench vises have time saving quick release mechanisms for the rapid movement of the vise jaw. Additionally, both have adjustable bench dogs. Both models mount to the workbench edge and are fastened from underneath the bench. The 71/2 model requires approximately 12 of space under the bench and the 9 requires approximately 18. There are holes through the vise jaws so that they can be lined with wood faces. The 71/2 vise opens approximately 8 and the 9 vise opens approximately 13. Made in India by Anant.

Planes Spokeshaves Replacement Irons Vises

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