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Robert Larson Company
Our smiling tree!



Is there a Robert Larson?
Yes, Robert Larson started the company in 1981 and continues to work in the company on a daily basis. When he's not at work you will find him with his family or on SF Bay. For a short history of the company, click here.

Do you offer mail order service?
No, we do not offer a mail order service. There are many fine mail order companies that offer woodworking tools -- some of these are our customers. Please support them as well as your local tool retailer.

Do you have a mission statement?
Yes, and it reads as follows: To provide a full line of quality woodworking hand tools to woodworking professionals and enthusiasts throughout the United States via resellers who provide in-person, product evaluation. To achieve this goal through excellent customer service and a quality company image.

Does Robert Larson sell on the internet?
We have a store on the internet which sells only discontinued and overstocked products. This store can be found at http://store.rlarson.com

Do you offer technical advice?
Product and technical advice is provided via our distributors. We will work with them to see that your questions are answered. This also trains them to assist other woodworkers in your community.