Strapped and Treaded Digging Spade

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SKU: G30-1300

Product Description

If you are looking for ultimate strength then this is the tool for you. The head has been solid-forged and the shaft is a laminate of wood and steel that makes it extremely durable. A wooden “D” handle will mould to your hand over time. The treads on the blade will help protect the soles of your boots.

Lifetime guarantee

Key features

  • Fitted with a flat tread on the blade top to reduce boot wear
  • Fitted with a 28″ Ash handle with a traditional English “D” Grip
  • Wood and metal strapped design gives ultimate strength
  • Hand forged in England
  • We use American and German FSC Ash
  • Dimensions: Length 40″ / Width 8″ (5lbs)
  • Item #G30-1300